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Stegbar Sliding Door Repairs

Stegbar Sliding Door Repairs Sydney

Stegbar stands out as a leading supplier of sliding doors and windows across Australia, renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship. Despite the durability of their products, issues may arise when the rollers of Stegbar sliding doors wear out, causing substantial damage to the aluminum track and impeding smooth operation. The patented roller system of Stegbar sliding doors, featuring intricate left and right wheels, poses a challenge for the average DIY enthusiast attempting installation.

In Sydney, if you’re in need of expert Stegbar sliding door repairs, trust Dimech Doors & Windows. Our specialised repair services encompass the installation of new rollers, a stainless steel track capping, and realignment of the lock. We excel in revitalising doors teetering on the brink of replacement, transforming them into seamlessly functioning units for everyday use. Rely on Dimech Doors & Windows for comprehensive Stegbar sliding door repair solutions tailored to the Australian market.

Sliding Doors Repairs Service Sydney
Sliding Glass Door Repairs Wheels

A Sliding Door Repair includes:

  • New wheels/rollers to suit your door brand

  • Cleaning of the tracks

  • Adjustment

  • Lubrication

  • Re-alignment of locks

  • If your track is damaged we will install a stainless steel track capping over the top of your existing track to ensure a smooth surface for your new wheels to slide on

Track Cappings

You wouldn’t drive a car with brand new wheels down a road full of potholes, the same goes for sliding door repairs. We recommend installing a stainless steel track capping to return your sliding door to the day it was fabricated in the factory. The new wheels will glide straight over the track capping and the stainless steel track will last longer than aluminium. When we install a track capping in our sliding door repair work we guarantee the job for 3 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sliding doors do you repair?2023-04-02T05:40:31+00:00

Domestic aluminium or timber sliding glass doors (external), sliding wardrobe doors and sliding screen/security doors.

Can all sliding doors be repaired?2023-04-02T05:40:53+00:00

After completing hundreds of sliding door repairs over our 30+ years in business there aren’t many sliding doors that we can’t fix. We have expert knowledge about which wheels go with what system and the order in which we must complete the job.

How long does a repair take?2023-04-02T05:41:10+00:00

Sliding door repairs can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the style of the door and the condition the door is in.

What is the price of your sliding door repairs?2023-05-13T02:52:02+00:00

For a domestic sliding glass door repair we charge anywhere from $350-500 plus GST per door depending on whether or not the door requires a stainless steel track capping, or if it just needs a roller change and adjustment. Compare this with a replacement cost of anywhere from $3000 + and you’ll see why a sliding door repair to prolong the life of your sliding door is a no brainer.

Prices may be adjusted for the size of the door and distance travelled

For a sliding screen door repair we charge $180 plus GST, if you have more than one door call us and we can work out a price.

What areas do you service?2023-10-21T05:48:30+00:00

We are currently servicing all areas of Sydney from the mountains to the sea

Do you take credit/debit card payments?2023-10-21T05:48:55+00:00

Yes we do

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